What I’m speaking about. And why.

Ever since the dawn of marketing marketers have been lying and faking and making things up. We’ve been fooling our customers to buy our products in elaborate ways and with a toolbox full of tricks. And it’s been working really well…

But that was before the internet, before Google, before social media, ad-blockers, rating sites and long before we became immune to the unimaginable amount of marketing messages we encounter each day. That was before the consumer took control over our communication.

Today’s consumers expect us as marketers and brands to be engaging and authentic. Our job is to give our audience what it wants and need. That basically changes what marketing is about.

In my presentation To Be Honest: How marketers can embrace truth and become heroes I inspire marketers to be true to their brand, to their audience and to themselves. With clear examples (both good and…eh…very bad) I show that today’s marketers need to be true to their brand, to their audience and also to their own gut feeling. In every small decision. All the time.

This presentation highlights examples from both great and terrible brands from all over the world. In all industries.

Five takeaways

  • Be true to your brand: Understand your purpose and your promise – and keep to it all the time.
  • Be true to your audience: tell the stories they want to hear, not the ones you want to tell.
  • Be true to yourself: challenge best practice and trust your gut feeling.
  • Everything is marketing, from how we answer the phone to what our employees say to their friends.
  • I want the attendees to leave the room with a feeling of being braver than they were before, and strong enough to tell the truth.

If you want to book me, just send me an email and we’ll take it from there.